I chose to workout at Elite Sports after hearing from close friends how much they were benefiting from the training. It gave me the opportunity to workout in a competitive environment, that pushed you to get as much as possible out of a single session. Brett always finds new ways to keep the workouts fun, while pushing your body to the limits.

I have been working out at Elite for 4 years. Elite has shown me numerous ways to train and challenge my body. In hockey things are constantly changing, and training at Elite provides workouts that are similar. The order, exercises, and circuits are always different which keeps your body guessing both physically and mentally. I have found that I get much more out of this as opposed to running through the same workout plan everyday, especially on days when you are worn down, tired, or sore.

I would recommend Elite to anyone looking for new ways to challenge themselves. Whether you are going in for 30 minutes or a couple of hours, you are going to get more out of each session. After talking with Brett, it is easy to customize a workout that addresses everything you want/need to work on. This allows you to work more efficiently during your time in the gym as opposed to constantly thinking about what you could or should be doing next.
-Jamie Fritsch, Hockey Milano Rossoblu of the Italian Elite A

I have worked with Elite Sport Performance for about ten months. I first started working with them during my season with Eastern Kodiaks Junior Hockey. Elite Sports taught me a lot about training that I will always take with me. I got the expert help that I needed and developed my game both off the ice and on the ice. Elite Sports, just keep doing what you are doing!
– Alfred Johansson, Wichita Falls, TX – NAHL

I got to know Brett and Carter while I was still playing at UNH and I knew that I wanted to continue to play after college. One of the key things in being a good professional is taking care of yourself off the ice and in the off-season. As I started to work with Brett and Carter they were incredibly receptive to my goals and needs and have been great at personalizing my workouts. In life, as in sports, you always want to improve yourself and your game and Elite Sports Performance has helped me do that every off season. They have helped me become a better player and have really helped me work on things I have needed to work on to get to that next level. They have mastered the recipe for getting me in the best shape of my life all while enjoying myself every workout. I don’t think I would be where I am today with out the hard work of Brett and Carter. Year after year I go to training camp in the best shape of my life and I have Elite to thank for that.
– Matt Fornataro, Leksands IF in the Swedish Hockey League

I chose Elite Sports Performance because it was a competitive gym with other hockey players to get an edge and train. I’ve been at Elite for 2 years now. I have noticed my strength and athleticism growing to make myself a better all around athlete. I would recommended Elite because it gives you the motivation to be better.
– Spenser Young, Phillips Exeter Academy

Four years ago, I chose to work with Brett at Elite Sports. This was a well respected program that had the ability to push me to levels that I never imagined I could reach. Through this program, I have gained the speed, agility, and strength needed to be able to be successful at higher levels of hockey. During a session with Brett you can expect to put your muscles to the test and challenge yourself while improving each session. I would recommend Elite Sports to anyone who is ready to take on the next level of fitness and success.
– James Winkler, Portland Junior Pirates

“Brett and Carter, Thanks Elite for the training and pushing me hard!”
– Dan Winnik, #34 Phoenix Coyotes

Brett and Carter, thanks for all the laughs and the workouts!
– Matt Fornataro, 2007-2008 UNH Hockey Captain, #39

“I have been working with Brett for the past 3 years to help me gain the edge in hockey. Not only has my speed, endurance, strength and power increased greatly on the ice, last year I was able to play varsity hockey as a freshman for the guys team at St. Thomas. Brett pushes us hard and creates a positive atmosphere to learn and work while having fun.”
– Danielle D.

Outside training

“For 3 months Brett worked with my endurance, first step quickness and strength for the 2004 – 2005 basketball season. Once the season started my results were very noticeable. I was able to take defenders off the dribble with ease thanks to Brett’s agility workouts. I was less tired and had more energy by the end of the fourth quarter. I recommend anyone who wants to get an advantage in their respective sports to begin Elite training with Brett Harvey, you will not be disappointed. ”
– John S.

“I have been working with Brett for over 5 years. His rigorous exercises and intense drills have aided in the enhancement of my speed and agility. His expert advice on the techniques of weight training and Olympic lifts led to the increase of my strength and power. His facility offers much more than is necessary for a consistently great workout. ”
– Joe C.

“Elite Sports Performance has helped me out considerably with baseball and football. When football came around I was in shape for all the conditioning and had all the power I needed. I also had a ton of power in my baseball swing. Brett gets me in shape for the sports I play. On my workout days I can’t wait to get out of school and go to Elite. ”
– Chris S

“Sophomore year at Governor Dummer Academy was a disaster for me. Through all of Brett’s help and hard work I was able to come back and start my senior year. I was named an all league player and am playing college football next year. I owe my success to Brett and Elite Sports Performance.”
– Brendan G.

“I have been going to Tilton Prep School where the hockey has been very difficult compared to the public school I was attending. Brett helped me gain a significant amount of strength and I have been able to play at the varsity hockey level. ”

– Jeremy C.
Display of vertical jump