Sports Offered

Over 80% of the training exercises at Elite Sports Performance can help you excel as an athlete, no matter what your sport. The staff at Elite Sports Performance has a goal, and that is to help YOU reach YOUR goal. We can adapt our programs to meet your individual needs no matter what sport you play.

basketball drills (indoor)

Baseball: Boost your strength, speed & flexibility so you can hit farther, throw harder, and run faster.
Basketball: Run faster and longer, jump higher and sink those winning shots by increasing your speed, endurance and agility.
Field Hockey: Powerful passing and strong bursts of speed will give you the winning edge.
Football: Agility. Strength. Power. Power. Power.
Golf: Learn how to increase your balance, swing power, and accuracy.
Hockey: Lower body strength for speed, upper body strength for powerful shots.
Lacrosse: Increase your agility and speed to stay two steps ahead of your opponent.

Outdoor running drills

Rugby: This demanding game requires very high levels of speed, strength and power.
Running: Programs for runners striving to increase speed and endurance.
Skiing: Downhill, Cross Country, Snowboarding… Different types of skiers need different training programs. We will target your individual needs.
Soccer: Stamina is key. Increase your strength and endurance to stay in the game.
Softball: Don’t underestimate the effect that increased strength and speed will have on your game.
Tennis: Hit every shot harder and with more accuracy, with strength and agility training.
Volleyball: Lower body strength will help you jump higher. Agility training will help you hit more winning shots.
Wrestling: Learn how to increase strength and muscle endurance with minimal weight gain.

And many more. .

Outdoor basketball drills